Your bucket list adventure is waiting

If you’re stuck trying to save for expensive flights, or you’ve tried cash back credit cards before but haven’t been able to use them responsibly, I totally understand!

You’re tired of working hard and fed up with basic vacations, and you’re not alone.

You want to be able to travel without all the stress, you want more freedom and less debt!
So that’s why I’ve put together this Free Flight Guide, so you can finally start traveling cheap and visiting those bucket list places!
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Success Stories

Instead of hearing me talk about my own travel, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

While planning our wedding, Heather taught us how to use our wedding spending (including paying her as our photographer) to earn enough points to fly first class on our honeymoon for free!
Jeri & Aaron
We went FIRST CLASS around the world for two-weeks for our honeymoon thanks to just a few tips from Heather. That was $69,000 worth of flights and we paid $72. We are addicted and have been on several more trips since. Shockingly, my credit score actually improved.
wedding planning budgets and how to get free flights for a honeymoon in Fiji
James & Laura
I'm taking my family to Aruba for free just because of Heather's insinuations about travel hacking... 🙂 That's FOUR free flights from just my normal business spending!
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Here's What You'll Learn:

Hey. I'm Heather.

My name is Heather McKay and I help people like you figure out how to get free or cheap plane tickets so they can travel more.

A few years ago I was worried about how I could afford to take a few months off of my wedding photography business to visit Africa, until I started learning how to earn extra points and miles to pay for the trip.

Not only did I earn enough miles for my 7-week African Adventure, I’ve done it again and am photographing a wedding on the beach in Mozambique for New Year’s.

I used to struggle to find money or save enough for visiting friends and family and the thought of finally visiting my bucket list location of Zimbabwe seemed so far away. Back then, I believed that I needed a better paying job or to cut way back on my lifestyle in order to travel to places I dreamt about.
Then I heard about ‘travel hacking’ and learned about specific credit cards and other interesting ways to get cheaper airfare and I used that knowledge to book my roundtrip flight to South Africa (and 5 flights within Africa) for a total cost of $182 with taxes and fees.
Now I’m on a mission to help others travel more freely, even if it is just to take the kids to Grandpa’s house. With everyday spending, a few strategic moves, and a plan, you too can travel cheap to anywhere in the world.
I now work remotely around the world, only coming home to photograph weddings for a few months of the year (sometimes I do destination weddings too!).
Grab your Free Flight Guide and learn easy and fast ways to earn points and miles for free flights anywhere in the world
Heather with a film Mamiya Camera Boston